Saturday, 8 July 2017

How to Get Google Adsense Approval

Money is The need of every single human on the earth but few peoples know how to make money from any were in place.
in this post, i am going to teach you how to get Google Adsense account well you all guys come here and I think you all know about the Google Adsense.for those who don't know about the Google Adsense, i am here to Google AdSense is a money making program which is offered by Google the most popular search engine at this time which offers the honor of the website to share their revenue with him.
Google Adsense is a most popular website and video monetization program which share revenue with us Thousands of websites are apply for Google Adsense but many of few get approval only that website got approval which follows right criteria rules and regulations of Google.

so how to get approval?????

it's too simple just make a website and sign in for AdSense is that simple....................

NO don't do that
in the whole post, I am going to explain you every single criteria and some tricks which help you to get Adsense approval

I Setup(your niche)
your niche why you create a website  what is the purpose of your website after deciding all this thing you all need to buy a domain and if you don't have money just like me then you can use Blogger which is ultimate tool of Google to share your thoughts with people

II step Buy High-quality Domain

Guys because of I am writing this post on blogger don't make me wrong because I am using Blogger which is free platform to make a website and share your thoughts to people's but domain is most important need for the approval of Google Adsense with proper email address remember if you make your website on an organisation then this will enhance your account to be approved
Ex: my website URL:
        then my email address is:

III Step your website template

your website template is the vessel of your thoughts your template looks simple not to much fancy not looks aggressive  your site navigations is easy to understand template is the most important thing for the Adsense approval

IV Step write SEO friendly contents 

Write at least 20 - 30 posts which are helpful for peoples don't write anything which is meaningless or opposite to the criteria of Google Adsense like hacking, drugs abusing and adult contents

V make pages

make pages like

About us
contact us
privacy and policy

This all things helps your website to be approved for AdSense and if this method does not work.
Then make sure your template is Adsense selected.and try to write your posts on marketings like
The loan, health related topic, Diet related topic, insurance related topic.

This all topics definitely work and Google gets you approval more easily.

an if all this not work then make 20 posts on Diet and make fresh US account and then apply for Adsense this will work please write your experience about this post in the comment box
I am here to help you all basically my website does not have any niche then please help me do decide my niche please write in the comment box.
Thanks for visit on y website feel free to comment

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