Saturday, 6 May 2017

What an IP Address Revles?

Internet Protocol or IP Adress is very important if you want to surf the internet. But as it is so important then it must have some specialty. Actually, It contains all your necessary information, and pass it over the internet where you surf.

Let's have a close look on our IP and learn something about it.

What is IP?

IP is a set of rules which are use to access the internet. Without these protocols, one cannot access the internet. If it tells an identity of a person than it called IP address.

The IP address is a unique number which is provided by your ISP(Internet Service Provider). A standard IP if a 32-bit number of 4 bytes(one byte contain 8 bit), which are separated by dots. These are binary numbers which are readable by our computer.
e.g. IP address of any privet network is, in a binary system, it is written as 10010110.1010010.0001010.00001111.

What it contain?

If you think what IP can tell about you then you must go and search for your IP address on google search engine. Just visit any site and you will find all information about you. Like, your physical location, your computer's operating system, your screen size, the browser you are using and much more. 

Now all these information is open on the internet even your physical location. So, just think what people can see if they know about your IP address. But, if you are in tension then do not panic because the location is just precise not accurate, it's just your ISP location.

Your IP can reveal lots of other stuff about you that may help people to target you for advertisements and for hacking purpose.

How to hide?

  If you want to hide your info then just hide your IP. For this, you can use proxies and VPNs. Which are so good at their work.
Also if you are using any browser then do not maximize its size because it may reveal your screen size. 

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