Thursday, 11 May 2017

Universal Remote:New Smartphone's Feature

Remote are now days make our life easy, because we don't need to go and change our TV channels manually. It can be done in one click only. But the problem arises when your remote does not work.
For this problem smartphones, manufacturers made called universal remote, which is inbuilt in some smartphones with installed software. One of these companies is Red Mi.

It means you can operate any device which works on remote commands. It may seem like hacking and it is hacking because you don't need any password for this feature.

Let's see how does it work.

Working of Conventional Remote  

Nowadays all remotes of any kind work on IR rays. All remotes contain an IR(infrared) transmitter which transmits IR rays and these rays are captured by our TV or AC which have an IR receiver.

IR rays are invisible to human eyes but, its receiver can catch and respond to it.
Every button of remote has a pattern in it when we press the button it sends signals to a receiver and our device work according to it.

Universal Remotes

Before we switch our topic to smartphones, we need to understand what are universal remotes and how do they work. Because new remote feature in smartphones is universal remotes.

Universal remotes are two types: programmable remote and mimic remote.
Programmable remote are programmed to work on some devices manufactured by some famous brands. On the other hand, mimic remotes are able to mimic and memories a remote.

These remotes have their own memories which have certain codes for different brands and devices. That's why these remotes are universal and work with most of the device.

Smartphone's Remote Feature 

Smartphones make our life easy every day by including new features. So they built this remote control feature. It is a programmable remote, means you just need to tell it about device and brand of device. Once it recognizes the brand, it will work according to it.

Many companies have inserted this option in their phones like Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, HTC One M8, Red MI 3s and many others.

So if you don't mess with lots of remotes around you just buy a smartphone which can control all your device.
That's all for today.

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