Monday, 29 May 2017

New malware Much dangerous Than Ransom-ware

In a Previous day, we face a virus name Ransomware which encrypts your all files in your system and after sometimes it asking for money to decrypt your valuable files.but friends this is just a starting nowadays one more virus name Judy is waiting for you.
Yes a new virus name Judy comes in market Judy is a type of malware who infect your Android phones and tablets this is too scary what I am going to say but nature of the virus is to spread and infect other devices.the source
of Judy is our own google play store yes google play store so the question is.
Your smartphone is safe from Judy malware?

What is Judy?

The news of Judy comes from a company name checkpoint the company on its own blog post on may 25 say the malware was discovered recently.The malware Judy is an auto clicking adware which was found on 41 apps which were developed by the Korean company says the checkpoint.
the ability of Judy is hiding in app code since April 2016 the apps in your device is download automatically without any information and your permission.

What Happens when Judy infect your device

we all know what is malware.malware is a virus which tries to make money with you.they work as an adware agents which serve harmful ads in your device without your permission.
Judy is an adware. In the other words, it tries to make money for its masters by creating fake ads and clicks once it has infected a phone. The infection, on the other hand, happens once a user downloads the app through the Google Play store. After infecting a phone the app connects to a Control & Command Center managed by its creators. "To bypass Bouncer, Google Play's protection, the hackers create a seemingly benign bridgehead app, meant to establish a connection to the victim's device, and insert it into the app store. Once a user downloads a harmful app, it silently registers receivers which establish a connection with the C&C server. The server replies with the actual malicious payload...," notes Check Point.

it seems, Judy, never steal your information for marketing uses instead of this it uses your phone to generate fake clicks for money the coding of this app is also impressive that can defeat Google Bouncer protection.
beware don't save your credit and debit card information in your smart phone because at this time Judy is not able to steal your information but in some days, it may be able to do this.

so, guys, this is the end of this post please mention your comment in the comment box about Judy and don't download any malicious app from any type of play store.

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