Tuesday, 30 May 2017

How to get great volume of traffic to your website

hey awesome peoples this is swapnil in this post i give you some SEO blogging tips & trick ok SEO is here stands for only search engine optimization means how can you boost or rank your post in any search engine hey this is secret of every blogger they can not share any type of good seo tips and trick but i can do.i share all of my tricks which can help you to drive real organic traffic.

How to drive real organic traffic

There are many ways by which you can drive million of tons of organic traffic from any search engine the best one is Google there are three types of traffic according to me 

bye a traffic 
trap users 
SEO (search engine optimization)

How to bye a traffic for your website or post

 There are many website which provide a large amount of traffic to your website where you can bye a  very cheap traffic for your only post.
 guys i personally recommend you.please boost your post not your website no doubt your site may be ranked but there is no use of your posts and articles they all are wast please optimize your post on search engines not your website.

you can bye a traffic from here.

  1. Google Adwords(only paid and promotional)
  2. adf.ly(only paid and promotional)
  3. Heat Leap(free or paid)
  4. 10K hits(free or paid)
  5. Bighits4u(free or paid)
may there are many more website which i am left or forgot in this list but this are top and best for traffic 

Google Adwords.

a power full source for your online business promotion and drive a large amount of traffic from google adwords .a power full tool of google adwords is google keyword planner.
if you are not able to bye such a traffic then you can use this tool this tools provides you all the data and information for a specific keyword for example go and search for i phone may be approx you found millions of  search of this keyword.so here is need to do is use very specific title which low in search result like how to modify i phone the search result of this keyword is may be lower than i phone only. remember when competition is lower than there are much chance of rank up of your website. so every time use low competitive keyword.

Note: the above tool is paid 


                                                                    image by Google                                               
Adf ly is also a powerful tool for tons of traffic the Alexa ranking of this website is very impressive 115.
go and check its ranking yourself may i hope you can learn more from here Adf ly is also a paid method for promotion of your business and source of traffic Adf ly is also know as link shrinker 
if you are very good in how to spread or viral a post than hey good news you can earn money just shrink a link a spread a link in worldwide who know maybe you are next million air but the main

The Hitleap,10K Hits & Bighits4u

image by Google

The above traffic source are free & paid you can drive millions of traffic from these sites on comparison of three of one 10K hit is better than there two remember not use these three wizards when you have Adsense approval.because they may be banned your AdSense account when you are using these three wizards I am personally used all of their wizards for AdSense approval now you can see AdSense ads on my blog.
if your Adsense account disapproves every time then my be in my next post I am going to teach you how to get AdSense approval I hope you guys these posts helps you.

thanks to visit on my site


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