Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Best Search Engines

The Internet is nothing without search engines, these makes us to found things we want between billions of other stuff.
People are now completely depending on search engines to get answers to their queries. Even we blogger use it frequently to make our niche good. We also take help of these engines for research and other information.

In this article, I will tell you how you can use different engines for different queries, which search engines are best and many other this article.

  1. Google

No doubt Google is one of the best engine in the world, you can search almost everything on google. It covers 70% market of the search of an engine. Alexa also shows that most frequently used a search engine is a google.

Google search engine is the best thing made by google and it provides images, maps, news, free emails(Gmail) and many other things including google drive and google cloud.

Google has its own server and it's world's biggest server that's why they provide google drive facility.
Google use tracking system for better search result and it improves itself according to the environment.
If you cannot access the internet without search facility then you should go with google. Google also have its own app which is provided in android phones as an inbuilt application.

  2. bing 

Bing is Microsoft's search engine, if you use ethernet explorer then you must have noticed that all search is done by bing by default. It was made for creating competition with google by Microsoft. But it failed.
Still, people use bing because it shows good result and it also provides news, maps, and images searches.

  3. yahoo

It is a good search engine but still fails to compete with google but it compete with bing and in many cases, it is better than bing.
One of the most famous that yahoo provides is its free mail facility, it easily stands in front of Gmail for competition. Most of Americans use yahoo as a search engine and yahoo emails.

But in recent time yahoo's millions of accounts were steel by hackers and sold on the deep web. Also, yahoo has been sold out and its buyer is  Verizon. It's prize was $5 billion.
But still, it works fine.

  4. DuckDuckGo

If you don't want to track by search engines then you should switch to DuckDuckGo. It is one of the engine which does not track and store your information. Hackers usually use this engines for searches. Tor also uses it as default search engine.

As it does not track any of our information so generate search result with the help of yahoo, bing, and yummly. Its revenue comes from yahoo-bing search alliance network.

  5. WolframAlpha 

Wolfram Alpha is a computational search engine. It does not give results about web pages and other quires but it provides facts and data.  It also uses to find values of mathematics problems. If you want to know the value of sin50 then you should use WolframAlpha.

It was started in 2009 and provides the good result.

These are best search engines with different abilities. If you get bored with google then go and try other.

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