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The main question is hacking of Facebook account is possible? i think it depends on presence of mind of individual and hacker.
why i say so because hacking is an art we cannot hack any Facebook account without know the mind of individual .

guys Facebook is one of the biggest organisation on earth and they have many many servers so just just in millions of an Facebook account we cannot hack any Facebook account.because Facebook work on php and php work on server site scripting means we cannot change any layout tabs on Facebook because the servers of Facebook detects the changes in Facebook and then make it normal again .


I think worlds most dangerous hacker cannot hack your personal Facebook account without your mistake.or permission 
but what happens when hacker hack the main weakness of Facebook yes there are many drawbacks of Facebook.

1.comments and spamming
2. posts on Facebook
3.links and pages on Facebook
4.server of Facebook
5.DOS attack
6.your own mistacks

on the above any of the  reason why tour Facebook account hacked


Friends honestly i am speaking there is not any software available in market which hack any Facebook account .
all software in market are only spam they make you fool only if you dont believe then please carry on go and hack my Facebook account .
i am loudly speaking you cannot hack my account without my permission or my mistake 

what type of mistakes make you in trouble
click on any spam links like hey you got a chance to win 500$ just click here and login to your Facebook account guys this is only the mind of hacker i loudly say one day you hacked if you are believe on spam comments 
There are many pages available on Facebook which play some social games like who is your best friends who is your crush on Facebook .
guys this is the biggest chance of hacking of your Facebook hacker try to play with your mind so please beware about this stupid type of pages and links

one of the famous method of Facebook account hacking is phishing so if you are  visit any link which look likes Facebook then stop and see first the URL of  page it may be  or may be any other remember on starting of this post i say hacking is an art and phishing is the best example of hacking is an art .
and this is an example of your biggest mistake 

i hope you guys you are not bored i am trying to teach you because education is very important for any one so please beware keep visiting knowledge never wast  

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