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VM v/s Duel Boot for Linux

If you ever think to install Linux for some hacking tricks then you would probably know about Duel-Boot and Virtual Machine.  But if you don't then I have something you in this article. That will let you choose your favorite O.S and Linux O.S.

In this article we will go through Duel-Boot, Virtual Machine environment and Linux(specially Kali Linux).

Why Install Linux?

People usually want Linux in there PC but they don't want to lose Host O.S which is as usual Windows. Linux is best know for its simplicity and hacking purpose. It has best shell(terminal) also one can modify it because it is free. Linux works on Command Line Interface(CLI), so no need of graphics in Linux system.

But problem arises with it's advantages, like it is CLI based so need to put commands for little things like copy paste. Even if you want to download or install a file, you have to use terminal.

Other benefits of linux is security and privacy. It's very hard to hack Linux or inject malicious stuffs inside it. On the other hand, Windows is so easy to hack. 
So, these are basic advantages of Linux, still there are lots of that I also don't know, but probably if you use it or operate it then you can understand it. I'm sure you will forget windows.

What is Virtual Machine

Okay if you don't know about VM or virtual machine then you can googling about it or you can read this blog further.

Virtual machine are software which can operate an operating system inside it. It means you can easily excess to any O.S inside your host O.S. And you can switch yourself between two, by just taking mouse in and out.

VM are designed to play other  other operating system without interfering your host, it just provide all essentials to play an alternative O.S. You can set it according to you and it can recommend you a perfect environment to operate a system.

Like if you want to install Kali Linux  then VM will tell how much does Kali need and you can adjust all stuffs easily. Like RAM, HDD and many other thing. Also if you have a Macbook then you cannot install Linux or any other O.S in it so there you can take help of VM. More more thing about VM is  if you made some mistake with your operating then no need to warry, you can easily delete the installed O.S in VM and reistall it. But VM does not support some hardwares of your system like your wifi. If you want to use wifi then you have to use external wifi. Also it does not provide good internet speed.

Duel Booting

In duel boot we install one more O.S without affecting other or your pre-installed O.S. This allow you to operate both your operating system. If you thought that duel booting will decrease your PC efficiency and performance then you should not afraid of it. Because it does not affect your processor and ram. It just need some space to install, that means it will just affect your HDD. And it's not a big issue, as Linux is command line interface so does not consume too much memory.

Which one is better?

If you thing which one is better, probably duel boot is better then VM. But, this also depends on your needs, like if you just want to  operate Linux then virtual machine is good but if you really want to learn hacking with Linux then you should choose duel boot. Because it provides full use of your hardware, which is really matters if you want hack something. Because sometimes it needs lots of processor power and RAM.

So, just play VM once if you like Linux then switch to duel boot.
That's all for today.    


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