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A google server

Everyday you surf on internet, but have you ever thought how you receive all these text? How you able to upload or download file? Where does all these file save?

In this I'll try to explain you all the question which are closely related to today's topic.

What is Server?

This word 'server' tells everything but here in other sense. Server are real thing, means they physically occupy some space.    
These are hardware memory which stores all your data, which flows in internet. All your data means everything bit of thing from GB to single byte. 
You must have seen that gmail provide you 15GB of storage. There you can store all your important data, this all data is saved in a server which is located somewhere in this world. All your post, comments, videos, chats, online songs and any other stuffs need some space to store and a server provide it.
So why does it named server?? It's because it first store information and then serve it who want it.

How does it store and transfer information

     All the data that we see on internet reach to server first then come to us. All websites use server, either they own one or they buy some space from other dedicated servers. e.g. google has biggest and fastest server network in world. They have there own servers in many countries.That's why there service is so fast and best. As I told earlier they provide 15 gigs of storage free as google docs where you can store your important docs, if they have to pay for this then they me in loss but they are not because they have own server.

So, if you send a single mail or visit to a website even to a blog, it first reach to server related to that website or blog, it ask desired request and then server respond with related information that we ask before.

Web Hosting and Server

  If you have a website or you know how to make one then you must know about web hosting. Web hosting is necessary to build a website. It is the place where all data is stored. So, all hosting needs a server to place and save there content. One can build his own server for web  hosting.
But servers made only for web hosting are better then local servers.

That's why the cost to build or buy a website is much. Because, servers provide you lots of space and high speed of internet. Also, servers made for website hosting have Intel Xenon Processor which is lot faster then our i3,i5 or i7 processor.

But sometimes, you found a certain site is not working but other like google or Facebook are working fine. So what does happen with that site? Actually, it's a server issue means there must be a problem with server. Like overloading or any other kind of problem. Also, google does not face this kind of problem because google have so many server, I don't know how many but they have build there servers in many countries. Same situation is with Facebook and other big sites. But lots of websites only work on single server or sharing server, which is cheap but such servers is not able to control huge amount of traffic. So, if a website have so many visitors then they must buy more server hosting or should use Cloud Hosing. 

DoS  or DDos(Denial of Service) attack

Overloading of server is not only due to increasing no. of visitors but also due to Hackers. They named this as DoS/DDoS attaack one of most dangerous and famous attack to shut down a website completely. In this attack a individual person hack so many devices and then send regular traffic to victim's website. And eventually the website's server overloaded and website spot working.
Its often happen with small  websites.
This attack is famous because it's so easy you just need to know how to hack other systems.
But some organisations like Cloudflare and many other provide safe environment to develop a website.




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