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Top 10 Things Never Google 2017 New

10 Things Never Google !!!!!!!
Death clockknow your symptomsTwo girls and one cupone bye and one jayBehadAscarisspeter pattinsonIsisTubegirlThree gys and one hammer warning! The following names given above is serious means very very serious so pleas please never Google it. It may be cause of serious damage on your unconscious brain so please only strong peoples Google this. I give this name because I want you to be aware you from the crude peoples of this people. Only those peoples are brave and they have a strong control on there mind only they open it. So gys now talk about the list In this list I have collect all the knowledge from different sources like YouTube Google Wikipedia and other websites.
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Universal Remote:New Smartphone's Feature

Remote are now days make our life easy, because we don't need to go and change our TV channels manually. It can be done in one click only. But the problem arises when your remote does not work.
For this problem smartphones, manufacturers made called universal remote, which is inbuilt in some smartphones with installed software. One of these companies is Red Mi.

It means you can operate any device which works on remote commands. It may seem like hacking and it is hacking because you don't need any password for this feature.

Let's see how does it work.

Working of Conventional Remote   Nowadays all remotes of any kind work on IR rays. All remotes contain an IR(infrared) transmitter which transmits IR rays and these rays are captured by our TV or AC which have an IR receiver.

IR rays are invisible to human eyes but, its receiver can catch and respond to it.
Every button of remote has a pattern in it when we press the button it sends signals to a receiver and our device work a…

What an IP Address Revles?

Internet Protocol or IP Adress is very important if you want to surf the internet. But as it is so important then it must have some specialty. Actually, It contains all your necessary information, and pass it over the internet where you surf.

Let's have a close look on our IP and learn something about it.
What is IP? IP is a set of rules which are use to access the internet. Without these protocols, one cannot access the internet. If it tells an identity of a person than it called IP address.

The IP address is a unique number which is provided by your ISP(Internet Service Provider). A standard IP if a 32-bit number of 4 bytes(one byte contain 8 bit), which are separated by dots. These are binary numbers which are readable by our computer.
e.g. IP address of any privet network is, in a binary system, it is written as 10010110.1010010.0001010.00001111.
What it contain? If you think what IP can tell about you then you must go and search for your IP address on google se…

Best Search Engines

The Internet is nothing without search engines, these makes us to found things we want between billions of other stuff.
People are now completely depending on search engines to get answers to their queries. Even we blogger use it frequently to make our niche good. We also take help of these engines for research and other information.

In this article, I will tell you how you can use different engines for different queries, which search engines are best and many other this article.
  1. Google No doubt Google is one of the best engine in the world, you can search almost everything on google. It covers 70% market of the search of an engine. Alexa also shows that most frequently used a search engine is a google.

Google search engine is the best thing made by google and it provides images, maps, news, free emails(Gmail) and many other things including google drive and google cloud.

Google has its own server and it's world's biggest server that's why they provide google drive f…

VM v/s Duel Boot for Linux

If you ever think to install Linux for some hacking tricks then you would probably know about Duel-Boot and Virtual Machine.  But if you don't then I have something you in this article. That will let you choose your favorite O.S and Linux O.S.

In this article we will go through Duel-Boot, Virtual Machine environment and Linux(specially Kali Linux).
Why Install Linux? People usually want Linux in there PC but they don't want to lose Host O.S which is as usual Windows. Linux is best know for its simplicity and hacking purpose. It has best shell(terminal) also one can modify it because it is free. Linux works on Command Line Interface(CLI), so no need of graphics in Linux system.
But problem arises with it's advantages, like it is CLI based so need to put commands for little things like copy paste. Even if you want to download or install a file, you have to use terminal.
Other benefits of linux is security and privacy. It's very hard to hack Linux or inject malicious st…


The main question is hacking of Facebook account is possible? i think it depends on presence of mind of individual and hacker. why i say so because hacking is an art we cannot hack any Facebook account without know the mind of individual .
guys Facebook is one of the biggest organisation on earth and they have many many servers so just just in millions of an Facebook account we cannot hack any Facebook account.because Facebook work on php and php work on server site scripting means we cannot change any layout tabs on Facebook because the servers of Facebook detects the changes in Facebook and then make it normal again .
I think worlds most dangerous hacker cannot hack your personal Facebook account without your mistake.or permission  but what happens when hacker hack the main weakness of Facebook yes there are many drawbacks of Facebook.
1.comments and spamming 2. posts on Facebook 3.links and pages on Facebook 4.…


Everyday you surf on internet, but have you ever thought how you receive all these text? How you able to upload or download file? Where does all these file save?

In this I'll try to explain you all the question which are closely related to today's topic. What is Server? This word 'server' tells everything but here in other sense. Server are real thing, means they physically occupy some space.     These are hardware memory which stores all your data, which flows in internet. All your data means everything bit of thing from GB to single byte.  You must have seen that gmail provide you 15GB of storage. There you can store all your important data, this all data is saved in a server which is located somewhere in this world. All your post, comments, videos, chats, online songs and any other stuffs need some space to store and a server provide it. So why does it named server?? It's because it first store information and then serve it who want it.
How does it store and tr…

Safe Web Surfing in Computer

Secure surfing now becomes a hard task to do. Because, now on the internet, there are so many malicious kinds of stuff flowing via one site to other. But, our favorite web browsers helps us to be infected. We just need some awareness while surfing.
In this post I will try to explore every threat which can affect your device also I'll give you some suggestions to sure your browsing.

Related Threats
In my sense two kind of people are your biggest threats, these are Hackers and Advertisers.
We can think why advertisers do this but I cannot understand why hackers did this. I think that's why they are called hackers. Anyway, these are who send malicious stuffs in your device. 

They collect your information from your cookies and your browsing history. Advertisers do not harm you but you cannot think what hackers can do. They can hack your device also can infect it and so on.

There are some more people who come in Advertisers category. Many websites promote advertisement to earn money, it…

How To Use Torrent

What is Torrent
many of you know about torrent and many of you did't so the question is how to use torrent and what is torrent
A torrent is a server which provide us some suitable interface on surface web so the question is whay we use torrent o the surface web.

because torrent provide free patched software's games' and movies.

warning  : use of torrent in some countries is illegal 

A downloader name u- torrent which allowed a magnet link is to download in the downloader there are amany websites which provide a torrent  or bit-torrent to download a magnet link to download a torrent file.

Where You  Find a torrent file There are any websites which provide free torrent personally i am using Also i am provide you top ten torrent websites 
The Pirate BayExtratorrentRarbgYts.AgTorrentz21337xTorrentprojectEztv.Ag
i am also try to provide you some screen shots which help you to download a magnet link
Step 1.
go to Above website in my case i am choose piratbay 
 Step 2.

Unlimited DNA Straoge

Scientists accept developed what they affirmation is the a lot of able abstracts accumulator address ever, with a new DNA-encoding adjustment that approaches the abstract best for advice stored per nucleotide.
Using an algorithm alleged DNA Fountain, the advisers awkward six files into a individual atom of DNA – including a abbreviate film, an absolute computer OS, and an Amazon allowance agenda – but that's just for starters. The aggregation says the aforementioned address could finer abbreviate all the world's abstracts into a individual room.
Not alone is DNA abstracts accumulator an amazing amplitude saver; the address could aswell accredit us to bottle ability with acute robustness and constancy – clashing acceptable technology media, which is accepted to accede to all kinds of faults with time.
"DNA will not abase over time like cassette tapes and CDs, and it will not become anachronistic – if it does, we accept bigger problems," says computer scientist Yaniv …